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  • North Texas Family Allergy Center

    Your peace of mind is as important as your physical health. Medications are prescribed only when necessary. Studies and tests are recommended when they will offer information that will affect the outcome of your health.

    If we believe you will benefit from seeing a specialist, we work with many excellent specialists in the area and will coordinate your care while still playing a vital role and following your progress.

    At the North Texas Family Allergy Center, we can diagnose and treat all airborne allergies, such as pollen, ragweed and cat dander using RAST testing. Unlike skin testing, RAST testing uses only one small blood sample for chemical analysis. From this sample, RAST can accurately identify the 1gE antibodies in the blood that react to certain allergens, thereby pinpointing specific allergies and gauging the severity of reactions.

    The RAST test is painless, safe and accurate. A single blood sample can be used for many different allergens. Since the test is performed outside the body, there is no chance of an adverse patient reaction. Once a diagnosis is made, we suggest a course of treatment such as avoidance, medication or immunotherapy specifically designed to control the allergy-related problem(s).

    Sinus and Allergy Problems
    Allergy Testing and Shots