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    Complete Physicals

    Your peace of mind is as important as your physical health. Medications are prescribed only when necessary. Studies and tests are recommended when they will offer information that will affect the outcome of your health.

    If we believe you will benefit from seeing a specialist, we work with many excellent specialists in the area and will coordinate your care while still playing a vital role and following your progress.

    It is far easier to prevent illness than to treat it. A complete physical begins with a comprehensive baseline physical to identify any potential health issues. We want to prevent early, minor problems from becoming serious major problems.

    Our physical includes a detailed questionnaire that reviews your entire medical history along with a complete head-to-toe examination including a 70-point check-off list and cancer checkup. Approximately 60 different lab tests are run on 2 tubes of blood to screen for diseases. We review results with you and provide specific suggestions and action steps to take.

    We recommend a complete physical every 1 to 2 years from ages 20 through 39, and every year after age 40.

    Wellness Guidelines

    These guidelines indicate the tests and procedures that should be performed on a regular basis for healthy people without disease or physical symptoms. If you have illnesses, symptoms or a family history of disease (e.g. colon cancer, high cholesterol, breast cancer etc.) these tests may need to be done more freqently than indicated.

    If you are behind on these tests and procedures, please make an appointment to see one of our providers…your first step in bringing your health care up-to-date.

    To schedule an appointment call 972-394-8844.